This is her story

This is the story of Kairi Yen Nguyen. Kairi was born with severe/total hearing impairment. I am keeping this web log for her so that she and others can share in the journey that her life will have to take with this condition.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Starlight Parade

Kairi and Tyji enjoying the Starlight Parade in downtown Portland.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More First Words

Kairi has started to speak a few words.

- Bye Bye
- DaDa
- MaMa
- All Gone
- All Done

She can also sign a few.

- Come
- All gone
- More

Second Activation

Kairi's second implant was activated a few days ago. She really didn't like having another magnet on her head. She fought with it even when it was turned off. Fortunately she is fine with it now.

Obviously we are not looking for any real change at this point. We will just watch to see how she localizes sound in the future.

Left Ear Implant Surgery

Kairi received her second CI implant. The surgery was a success with only a minor complication. The part of her skull that needed to be ground down to seat the implant had to be ground down pretty far for the implant to sit flush. The surgeon had to expose a small amount of Dura. We were told this area would fill back in with bone over time and would not be a problem or point of concern. Unfortunately we had to spend the night at the hospital for observation purposes.

Kairi is doing well. Back to her normal self.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Surgery #2 Coming Soon

Kairi has her second Cochlear Implant surgery scheduled for Nov 19. I will post new videos and pictures at that time.

What does Kairi Understand?

So Kairi can hear... but what can she understand?

Kairi understands:

- Kiss (she will give you a kiss)
- Bye Bye (she will wave and sometimes say Bye Bye)
- Give it to... (she will give what is in her hands)
- Kairi (she will turn to her name)
- No (she will pause or stop what she is doing.... sometimes)
- Blanket (she will get her blanket)
- Shoes (she will get her shoes)

Oaks Park Fun 2008

Kairi had lots of fun at Oaks Park this year with her brother.